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FullStack Engineer - Node.JS, React, AWS

Hillsboro, OR, OR
Mavensoft is looking for strong Sr. Software Developer for below listed position:

Role: Sr. FullStack Engineer - Node.JS, React, AWS
Duration: 12 Months
Location: Hillsboro, OR

Key Skills: Node.JS, JavaScript, React, EC2, Test frameworks(React testing library, BrowserStack etc.), CI/CD, DevOps, Docker, Jenkins, SQL, NoSQL, AWS, EC2, NPM

  • Our production code is usually written for the Node, mostly in Functional JavaScript, and deployed on Amazon's AWS infrastructure. We tend to prefer strong-typing and functional style over imperative style in our code. Our architecture is focused on reliability, favoring asynchronous approaches to ensure resiliency and availability.
  • We operate the systems we develop and have a rotating on-call schedule for off-hours contact but during office hours, the team as a whole handles incidents. Getting paged is rare.
  • We practice continuous delivery - every merged pull request goes directly to production with appropriate feature flagging. Our automation is typically scripted in Python with AWS CloudFormation as the backbone of our deployment architecture.

As a member of the team, you’ll be expected to:

  • Successfully operate within our engineering environment and help it evolve over time.
  • Review your peers' technical designs, code, and tests, give supportive feedback and ask good questions.
  • Work in a collaborative environment that rewards experiments, initiative, curiosity, and mentoring.
  • Leverage your interest in data and data analysis to understand our consumers and how they engage with our ecosystem.
  • Practice DevOps ensuring a culture of testing and releasing software on AWS continuously using automation and monitoring.
  • Partner with other engineering and product teams to loosely couple and scale the service ecosystem.
  • Develop, code/configure, and test programs and systems
  • Provides operational support for production systems, as needed
  • Collaborates with others on the team in the planning, design, and development of systems
  • Documents work thoroughly, accurately, and in a timely manner.
  • Applies technical knowledge under guidance, supervision, and well-defined work direction.


  • You love to learn, grow, and effectively bring new ideas into the group.
  • You're committed to the craft of software engineer and eager to help take Nike services and applications to the next level.
  • You have relevant professional experience or a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, (or another relevant field) with good working knowledge of basic computer science data structures and algorithms.
  • You can design and build web applications and services within AWS.
  • Your broad spectrum of knowledge about data analysis, databases, and related data storage paradigms, programming languages, and frameworks inform your decisions.
  • You understand scalable, highly available, and eventually consistent distributed systems.
  • You have excellent written and oral communication skills to both technical and non-technical audiences.
  • You value collaboration and interaction with your teammates and colleagues, defaulting to sharing early and looking for help when needed over-delivering perfect results.

To be considered for this position, you should:

  • Have significant experience building and maintaining web applications in the cloud.
  • Have significant experience consuming and creating web services, with a good understanding of API design.
  • Have significant experience working with NPM and test frameworks. (React testing library, BrowserStack etc.)
  • Have experience with multiple modern web service frameworks and the public cloud using CI/CD processes.
  • Have worked in a DevOps environment where strong automation and observability are required to keep the team moving.
  • Have contributed to the software change lifecycle, source control, and review processes on a large team scale.
  • Understand the benefits and drawbacks between SQL and NoSQL databases and have experience with both.
  • Have some experience with continuous integration and delivery practices ensuring frequent and safe deployments.
  • Understand and contribute to agile development methodologies.
  • Have significant experience using Amazon Web Services.

We will prioritize consideration by these preferred skills:

  • Languages: JavaScript/Node.js, TypeScript, HTML, CSS
  • Frameworks: React, NextJS
  • Platforms: EC2, Lambda, Fargate ECS
  • Techniques: Functional Programming, High Availability
  • OSes: Linux, macOS
  • Databases: DynamoDB, MySQL
  • Tools: Jenkins, Splunk, SignalFx, Atlassian suite, IntelliJ Idea
  • SEO fundamentals, Cookie and Web Caching Management

Email your resume to usjobs@mavensoft.com
To learn more about Mavensoft visit us online at http://www.mavensoft.com


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